Bredder Balance Board

Kids balance board bundle

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The unique bundle that will accompany you throughout your entire childhood and beyond. Order in a bundle and save money.

Kids Balance Board Anuenue + Solid Wood Roller

Our Kids Balance Board is unique because it is specially designed for the needs, physique, and ergonomics of children. It promotes coordination, balance and deep muscles in a playful way. Lovingly handcrafted, it will be a loyal companion and eye-catcher for many, many years.

Skids for Kids Balance Board

ptimise the children's balance board experience with our rounded skids. Your children will be thrilled by the gentle rocking motion, which makes balancing easier and provides safety. Assembly is easy peasy, and no special skills or tools are required. Our high-quality skids are durable and fit perfectly with our balance board. So your little ones will enjoy years of safe and fun play.

Kids Board Rack
The Kids Balance Board Rack is made from high-quality wood and offers a stylish way to display your board. Its simple design gives your board a floating appearance and makes it stand out in any room. The sturdy construction ensures secure storage for your Kids Balance Board. A practical accessory to proudly showcase and keep your board within reach.

Want an even more unique piece? We'd be happy to engrave a name, motto, or any beautiful letters that come to mind on the board for you.

Package Includes: Kids Balance Board with 2 stoppers, solid wood roller, assembly tool, two skids, and a Kids Balance Board Stand

Handmade in Germany

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Is this simply a small board?

No, we have adapted the board to the special physical and ergonomic requirements and, for example, developed our own roller.

From what age is the board useful?

The question has to be answered as individually as the children are. In short: As soon as your child can stand, it can get on the board - eventually with your help. :)

Does every board come with a roller?

Yes, each board comes with a roll. We only offer sets of board and roller.

Do I need the mat?

It is best to use the children's board with the mat. This protects the floor at home and ensures even more fun. A thin yoga mat can also help.
In addition, protective strips are attached to the safety stops to protect the ground.