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Jedes Balance Board ist handgemacht, einzigartig, ein Unikat. Gefertigt aus ausgewählten Materialien, für höchste Qualität des Produkts. Gemacht für effektives Training daheim. Für deine Stärke und Balance.

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The centrepiece of our balance board is the specially turned solid wood roller for a super direct ride. The roller retains its shape forever and is therefore unbeatable in terms of durability, quality and design.

"The balance boards from Bredder look great, are made locally and are way ahead in terms of sustainability and quality. Especially for landlocked surfers, the stylish boards from the Swabian Bredder manufactory offer the perfect training options at home."

"A board made from sustainable and certified materials that won't break so quickly. The board offers plenty of opportunities to try out new tricks and have fun - that's what we call training with a high fun factor for (board) athletes and those who want to become one."

"With the balance boards from Bredder, you can bring a dose of surf feeling into your home. The boards have a shape that is perfectly designed for training lengthways or crossways. Each board from the brand comes with a stable roller that provides a direct ride and enables the best performance."

"The balance board from Bredder is therefore ideal for a surf workout, a flat board in the shape of a surfboard that is balanced over a roller. You can use it to train your coordination and balance anywhere and at the same time train your core muscles, which are extremely important when surfing."

"Bredder is obsessed with detail and dedicated to the fine craftsmanship of training equipment for better balance."

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