For us, sustainability is more than just a marketing strategy. It is a central part of our corporate identity. We are aware of the responsibility we have towards our environment. Regional and certified suppliers, a careful selection of materials and processing by hand are what set our products apart and guarantee the best quality and a long product life. When it comes to packaging, too, we rely on our holistic concept and the responsible use of resources. It works completely without plastic. A smart construction made of corrugated cardboard makes it possible

With a passion for craft and sport

Summer 2015. We're back from our surf vacation in Spain. We have an idea in our luggage that we absolutely want to implement. We? These are Alex and Valentin. Two guys who love board sports. Surfing, snowboarding, skiing, longboarding and whatever else you can do with boards under your feet. 

In addition to the love of sport, there is a passion for beautiful wood, working with it and a slight tendency towards perfectionism :)


... that is why we have worked forever on a solution that meets our requirements for quality, sustainability and aesthetics.

The result is our Bredder Balance Board, with its unique solid wood roller, the unique design and the unique driving experience - tried and tested by countless board athletes for years now :)

The problem

... no slopes, no beach and roads that are not always dry - and much too much desire to have a board under your feet.

To buy? Not an option - what the market has to offer is not really satisfactory.

So off to the workshop and built a balance board myself. At first everything was very simple with a plastic roll and a wooden board, then a cork roll and a wooden board, this shape and that shape - all not really satisfactory. Something deforms here, something slips there, we don't think plastic is cool anyway and it has to look like something when it's in the apartment ...


The wood used comes from certified, regional suppliers. This is important to us and it will stay that way.

Balance Board wird geschliffen
Balance Board wird geschliffen


Your balance board is handmade. Exclusively on your order. 10 fine, mutually glued layers of wood ensure maximum stability. Each Bredd is unique due to the carefully worked out fingerprint of the wood.


Often seen only as a necessary accessory, for us it is the heart for an incomparable driving experience and the completion of an uncompromisingly high-quality training device. Several layers of wood glued against each other make the role virtually indestructible. The black cover ensures quiet driving behavior and perfectly dosed grip.