funsport for the home

now you surf in the living room too

We thought for a long time how we could make balance boarding even more intense, even more challenging and even more realistic for all surfers. The board on the role as a classic among the balance boards is a brilliant thing. But why not go a step further? In orbit you have to balance all planes of movement! You are much closer to the surf feeling than on a roller and your muscles work in all directions to keep you on the balance board. With it you train even more intensely and effectively!

innovative manufacturing

The ring of our orbit is made of highly stable and coated birch wood. 20 cross-glued layers make the ring 100% dimensionally stable. In addition, the ring is seamlessly milled from one piece and therefore unbreakable. The matching ball is turned with high precision and is therefore perfectly round. We have coated the ball with a special soft-touch paint for the necessary grip and smooth handling.

New technology

The board, which is elevated by the ring, allows the use of a larger ball. The driving experience is completely different than on a small ball. The stop for the board gives you the support you need to push the trigger in a controlled manner and to fix the board even in the resting position.