Bobbel & Kids Balance Board Rack


The Bobbel & Kids Balance Board Rack is made of the same first-class wood as the boards are made of. This creates a perfect harmony between the rack and your board. The stylish design ensures that your board seems to float in the rack, making it an absolute eye-catcher.

To give the rack an additional elegant touch, the wood is coated black on both the top and the bottom. This gives the rack a modern aesthetic and makes it fit seamlessly into any interior.

Assembling the rack is easy peasy. It consists of one part with a notch into which you can easily insert your board. No tools are required, so you can assemble your rack in no time. The stable construction ensures safe storage of your Bobbel Board or Kids Balance Board.

Make sure your Bobbel Board or Kids Balance Board is always ready to use and proudly presented. Whether you place it in your child's room, living room, workspace or gym, the rack will blend seamlessly into your home and add a special touch to any room.

Note: Bobbel Board and Kids Balance Board are sold separately and are not included with the rack.

Please note that this rack is not compatible with the Balance Board or HomeSUP Board. It is specially designed for the Bobbel Board and the Kids Balance Board.

Handmade in Germany

Free shipping in the EU


Do I need the mat?

It is best to use the balance board with the mat. This is gentle on the floor at home and makes driving even more fun. A thin yoga mat can also help.

Does every board have a role?

Yes, every board comes with a roll. We only offer sets of board and reel.