dobo family bundle

€499 €531,90

The dobo family bundle is the perfect balance for you and your entire family. From young to old, everyone will find something for themselves.

The set includes:

Dobo base:
The dobo is the all-rounder for your door, giving you the freedom to adjust your training to your individual needs. Explore the versatility of the dobo and add variety to your fitness routine – with dobo, every door becomes a gateway to new training possibilities!

Pull-up bar:
The pull-up bar, with its one-meter-wide bar made of solid oak wood, not only provides the highest stability but also the flexibility to adjust your grip width individually.

Swingbar including carabiners:
The swingbar is the ideal addition to the dobo swing suspension! Our 50 cm wide bar made of solid oak wood turns swinging into a pleasure, and with the adjustable rope length, it becomes a versatile training instrument.

You can choose from four different rope colors.

Ring screws:
The ideal solution for attaching your accessories! These versatile ring screws can be attached at any position on the dobo to hang rings, therabands, and more.

Package Contents: dobo base, pull-up bar, swingbar, carabiners & ring screws

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Important: Before ordering, be sure to read the installation requirements (further down on the page), measure your door, and select the appropriate door frame depth (E).

door frame (depth):
rope (color):

What are the spacers for?
The four included spacers are used to screw the two sides of the dobo together.
It is advisable to always use all 4 spacers to balance the screw length and ensure sufficient pressure.

The pull-up bar replaces two spacers!

What is the maximum load capacity of the dobo?
We have tested the dobo with a load of 100kg and can guarantee this capacity. For swinging stress, such as when using it as a swing, the swing suspensions may be loaded with a maximum of 30kg each (2 swing suspensions -> 60kg).

A - Door Width: 72 cm - 92 cm

B - Door Frame Height: max. 8.5 cm

C - Door Frame Depth: min. 1.2 cm

D - Distance Door Frame Top to Door Hinge Top: min 24 cm

E - Door Frame Depth: 13 cm - 34 cm

(Select the correct depth when ordering!)

F - Distance Door Frame to Door: min 1.7 cm