dobo ring screws


Optimize your training with the dobo ring screws – the ideal solution for attaching your accessories! These versatile ring screws can be attached at any position on the dobo to hang rings, therabands, and more.

Easy to install and extremely stable, the dobo ring screws allow for flexible design of your training space. Expand your exercise possibilities and customize your workout to fit your individual needs.

Whether you're looking for additional anchor points for rings or want to incorporate resistance bands into your training – the dobo ring screws are the reliable choice for a versatile and effective training routine.

Package Contents: 2x ring screws

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What are the spacers for?
The four included spacers are used to screw the two sides of the dobo together.
It is advisable to always use all 4 spacers to balance the screw length and ensure sufficient pressure.

The pull-up bar replaces two spacers!

What is the maximum load capacity of the dobo?
We have tested the dobo with a load of 100kg and can guarantee this capacity. For swinging stress, such as when using it as a swing, the swing suspensions may be loaded with a maximum of 30kg each (2 swing suspensions -> 60kg).

A - Door Width: 72 cm - 92 cm

B - Door Frame Height: max. 8.5 cm

C - Door Frame Depth: min. 1.2 cm

D - Distance Door Frame Top to Door Hinge Top: min 24 cm

E - Door Frame Depth: 13 cm - 34 cm

(Select the correct depth when ordering!)

F - Distance Door Frame to Door: min 1.7 cm