Bredder Balance Board

Wallmount for the homeSUP


The wallmount is the perfect accessory to transform your HomeSUP into a sleek and versatile cable machine.

The HomeSUP itself already offers an outstanding opportunity for a full-body workout. The wall mount turns your HomeSUP into a slim cable machine. This opens up a wide range of exercises to target every muscle in your body. Point the roller upwards to perform exercises such as lat pulls and upper body workouts. Turn the roller upside down to use the cable pulley from below and effectively train your legs and lower body.

The wall mount not only ensures an intense workout experience, but also efficient use of space. Securely attach your HomeSUP roller to the wallmount when you're not using it. This saves space and keeps your training area tidy.

The HomeSUP wallmount is the ultimate addition for anyone who wants to vary and intensify their training experience. With this wallmount, you can use your HomeSUP to its full potential and perform a variety of exercises to strengthen your entire body.

package includes the wall mount for the HomeSUP (HomeSUP set sold separately).

Note: Screws and anchors for mounting are not included as each wall has different characteristics. Ask your local DIY store for advice.



Do I need the mat?

It is best to use the balance board with the mat. This is gentle on the floor at home and makes driving even more fun. A thin yoga mat can also help.

Does every board have a role?

Yes, every board comes with a roll. We only offer sets of board and reel.