Skids for kid's balance board


Our Kids' Balance Board is already unique as it's specifically designed to meet the needs, physique, and ergonomics of children. But now, you can enhance the experience even further by adding our skids.

The rounded shape of our skids allows for a gentle rocking motion, that makes balance boarding much easier. Your kids will feel safer and more stable as they find their balance on the board. Balancing on the roller can sometimes be challenging, but with our skids, it becomes child's play.

You can easily attach the skids to the underside of the board using the stopper screws. All you need to do is unscrew the stoppers beforehand. No complex tools or special skills are required. Your little ones can start having fun right away.

Our Kids' Balance Board Skids are made from high-quality materials and perfectly complement our Kids' Balance Board. They are durable and can withstand the rigors of play. This means your little ones will enjoy their balance board and skids for years to come.

Don't have mounts on your Kids' Balance Board for the skids? No problem! For a small additional fee, we can upgrade your board for you. Just send us an email at to arrange it.

Package Includes: Two skids for the Kids' Balance Board

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Do I need the mat?

It is best to use the balance board with the mat. This is gentle on the floor at home and makes driving even more fun. A thin yoga mat can also help.

Does every board have a role?

Yes, every board comes with a roll. We only offer sets of board and reel.