Bobbel Board black


The Bobbel Board is the perfect balance between fun and exercise for your everyday life!

The innovative Bobbel Board offers you full 360° freedom of movement and playfully improves your balance. Whether you're standing with your legs apart or on one leg, you can move freely and train your balance. The stylish surfboard design not only gives the board an aesthetic touch, but also allows for comfortable and versatile balancing.

We understand that in today's static world, movement and balance are often overlooked. The Bobbel Board offers you a simple solution. Just jump on it while you talk on the phone, brush your teeth, work at your standing desk or even stand at the kitchen counter. The Bobbel Board (67cm x 28cm) with half ball (6.8cm height) lets you be active anywhere, anytime and keeps your whole body moving.

The benefits of the Bobbel Board are many. It improves your sense of balance, strengthens your deep muscles and reduces discomfort caused by long-term static sitting or standing. The enclosed mat protects your floor and allows you to balance silently.

The Bobbel Board is a handcrafted masterpiece made of certified wood. Thanks to the 10 cross-glued layers, it offers maximum stability and durability.

Package includes: Bobbel Board incl. suitable mat.

Would you like to make your Bobbel Board an individual one-off? No problem! We offer you the possibility to have your name, a motto or other beautiful letters engraved on your board.

Handmade in Germany

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