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Balance Board für Kinder - was macht Sinn für die Kleinen?


A balance board trains concentration, coordination and, quite incidentally, important postural muscles. This not only makes sense for adults, but also helps children to progress in a playful way and to train the entire musculoskeletal system in a healthy way. The best thing about it: no one has to push the little ones. The game with balance is fascinating for children in all facets and you will be amazed at the perseverance and ambition with which the balance board is used - adults can learn a lot from them!

The 5-year-old from the Herzenseltern (Family-blog) tested our board. She "didn't want to get off the board and looked for every opportunity to get back on.."

Our experiences at festivals and events are exactly the same - when children stood on our board for the first time, it was impossible to get them down.

And because the regular board with the big roller is sometimes still too heavy for kids, we have developed a board that is completely designed for the needs of kids. What does that mean? A lighter and smaller board, so that the ratio of body weight to board fits again. A smaller roller for a relaxed ascent height and that you can let the little ones climb on the board alone with a clear conscience. As well as lengthwise stops on the board, which offer extra safety when riding. You can find more information about the product here

Balance Board für Kinder

Which board is the "right" one - Balance Board or Bobbel Board?

We have two boards in our shop that can make sense for kids. That's why we are often asked which board is the right one for their child. In the following, we will try to help you decide and show you what the benefits are for kids.

The balance board with roller

The little kids definitely have more and longer fun with a balance board and roller.. We set the age for our Bredd roughly at 4 years, although, as mentioned, this varies greatly from person to person. Very important: In any case, an adult should be present at the beginning and take the little ones by the hand to get a first feeling for the balance board. In this video., we show you how the first steps on the board can look. Once you've felt your way around together for the first few minutes, you can quickly go it alone and the fun really starts. You will playfully develop a feeling for your own body and balance. The whole thing is definitely not boring, because the range of tricks you can do is almost endless. You can see a few of them in the following video. By the way, everything that works on our regular balance board also works great on the children's balance board.

Besides the fun, the deep postural muscles are also trained. Strengthened deep muscles in the torso have a very positive effect on good posture. In addition, injuries are effectively prevented by a stable musculoskeletal system. This applies to kids as well as adults. If the kids already start with this, a lot of things will be easier later on.

The Bobbel Board with its Hemisphere

The Bobbel Board, on the other hand, is a great starter for children under 5. Kids love standing on a wobbly surface and the effects of the training are very similar to those of the balance board, but with a little less intensity. Here, too, the balance is trained in a playful way and the deep muscles are strengthened. A small advantage of the Bobbel Board is that anyone can stand on it immediately without having done it before. The hemisphere is firmly connected to the board and therefore much easier to control than the balance board with the roller underneath. On the other hand, the fun is exhausted more quickly. the Bobbel Board is more of a sideline activity.

Once the bobble board is well mastered, the step onto the balance board is very easy for the kids. The Bobbel Board can then find its second purpose at the parents' standing desk, for example, or as a healthy addition to a workout (we'll show you what that can look like here).

We hope that this article has whetted your appetite for balance and helped you decide which board is the right one for you.




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