What is the difference between Fisch and Shorty?

The difference is purely visual. The shapes don't differ at all when "riding." They are even the same length and width. Only the shape is different :)

How much weight can the board support?

The boards are tested to support up to 120kg.

Does every board come with a roller?

Yes, each board comes with a roller. We only offer sets consisting of the board and roller together.

Do I need the mat?

It's best to use the balance board with the mat. It protects your home floor and enhances the riding experience. A thin yoga mat can also be helpful.

Weight of the board and roller?

The balance board weighs 3 Kg, and the roller weighs 2.8 Kg. The higher weight of the roller gives you a super direct and fast riding feeling.

Dimensions of the board and roller?

Both shapes have the same dimensions with us, which are 90*40*1.5cm. The slightly larger standing surface makes it easier for you to ride across the roller, especially for longboard tricks. It also allows you to do better home workouts. The roller has a diameter of 12cm and is 50cm long.