Tips for getting started with the homeSUP + Adjusting resistance on the roller

Balancing on the homeSUP is similar to balancing on a balance board, so if you've ever stood on a balance board before, you have an advantage. If you've never been on a balance board, this video will help you with your first balancing attempts on the homeSUP.

This video will show you how to get on a balance board for the first time. The tips and tricks can be applied in the same way to the homeSUP. You can simply remove the paddle and use the homeSUP roller as a regular balance board roller. For this, place the homeSUP board sideways on the roller. Very important: Just like with the balance board, the groove in the board should always face upwards towards you.

If you've already been on a balance board or now feel confident balancing on the homeSUP, we recommend watching this video next to get started with paddling and training with the homeSUP.


If paddling is going well after a while and you want to increase the resistance for a more intense workout, it's essential that the paddle is always attached for the change. Watch this video tutorial for instructions on adjusting the resistance.