Laluna Shorty Balance Board + Solid Wood Weel


Are you looking for a balance board with a wow effect?

No off-the-peg goods like everyone has, but a handmade board that can also be in the living room and be seen?

With our balance board you get your unique piece. A piece of sports equipment that sets new standards in terms of performance, design, durability and sustainability.

The supplied solid wood roller with its protected design is unique and indestructible.

Even more one-off anyone? Have your board engraved with a name, a motto or whatever beautiful lettering you can think of.

Handmade in Germany

Free shipping in the EU

What is the difference between fish and shorty?

The difference is purely visual. The shapes do not differ at all when “driving”. They are even of the same length and width. Only the shape is different :)

How many kilos can such a board withstand?

The boards are tested up to 120kg.

Does every board have a role?

Yes, every board comes with a roll. We only offer sets of board and reel.

Do I need the mat?

It is best to use the balance board with the mat. This is gentle on the floor at home and makes driving even more fun. A thin yoga mat can also help.