Support rail for Home SUP


The support rail is the perfect accessory for anyone who wants to make training on our Home SUP even safer and more effective.

Thanks to the support rail, you are prevented from slipping off the roller with your board, as it ensures that the roller always moves within the safe and controllable range of your board. It also minimises any possible rotation of the board on the roller and thus offers you more consistency in your training, especially with stronger resistances. The rails offer you more freedom than the skids but more safety than paddling without them. This way you can fully concentrate on your training and be sure that you are always stable on the board.

The assembly is very easy: The rail is simply attached to the underside of the board with the included screws and you're ready to go!

As soon as the support rails are no longer needed, you can simply remove them from the holders on the underside of the board - and of course reattach them at any time, depending on where you are in your training.

You don't have the mountings for the support rails in your Home SUP yet? No problem, we will upgrade your board for you! Just send us an email at

Package includes: Support rail set, consisting of two rails and fastening screws.

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