Bredder Kurs Trainer

For surfers and everyone who enjoys exercise

Strong shoulders for paddling, stable leg axes for a secure stance, a stable core and improved coordination and balance - sounds like a surf course?

Almost - the Bredder workout prepares your head and body for the next surf trip or just makes you fit and balanced for everyday life.

What do you need for it? Fancy a new training experience and your Bredd of course :)

Live training with your Bredder Balance Board?

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Full body and mental training

In our workouts, muscles are not trained in isolation. The whole body is constantly at work. This is ensured by the wobbly surface of the board and the exercises that are coordinated with it. You get a super effective workout in a short amount of time without any stupid and monotonous repetitions. The head is constantly involved due to the shaky stance. In this way you not only train your body, but also improve your coordination and balance.

The only requirement for training is a secure stance on the board.